Chinese Herbal Medicine

Using nutrition as a tool for healing has been surprisingly recent in the eyes of modern Western Medicine, but in TCM it has been around for a long time. Chinese herbal medicines are crafted to treat your entire pattern as well as the symptoms or disease that prompted you to seek treatment. TCM formulas may include six to eighteen herbs to treat the root of your medical problem, not only the symptoms. Foods and herbs are categorized, and there needs to be the right balance for the Qi to flow properly.

Individualized Herbal Decoctions
Utmost care goes into selecting the best quality raw herbs to ensure optimum results from herbal therapy. Each patient receives a custom written herbal prescription designed to treat their individual pattern as well as the symptoms or disorder.

Herbs are selected for each patient’s constitution, root causes of dysfunction and related symptoms.

Herbal decoction is prepared and packaged in the facility using special herbal extractor and packaging equipment, in turn this results in more complete extraction and correct preparation of herbs while saving hours of time for the patients.

Prepared granules
Although the potency is weaker than that of individualized decoction and cannot be as customized, it has a few benefits. These herbal treatments are better tasting, less costly and more convenient to carry.

How are Chinese herbal medicines taken?
The most common method of taking Chinese herbal medicine is drinking a liquid, prepared by boiling the selected herbs. There are also herbal pills, tinctures and powdered extracts for those who do not have the time or taste for drinking the more traditional liquid form. However, the liquid form has the most flexibility in writing a prescription and can be more potent than the other forms of administration

Do Chinese herbal medicines have side effects?
Most of the components of Chinese herbal medicine have a very low toxicity compared to even common, over-the-counter Western drugs. When they are prescribed according to a correct TCM pattern diagnosis, they should have few, if any, side effects, with only beneficial healing results.

If you experience any discomfort while taking Chinese herbal medicine, tell your practitioner who will modify the formula until there are no side effects.